Submit your work and get exposure

Since we are just starting, we have to do this via the old fashioned way. No fancy plugins and systems to submit what you have without need of our cooperation.

If you have any kind of digital goods or food photos you’d like to share with us, and more imporantly with our audiene, please contact us at

If we consider it relevant to our content we’ll gladly publish it.

The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a freebie or paid product, we can surely come up with something.

Backlinks to your website and social media are a sure thing.

If it is a paid product, affiliate wouldn’t hurt. Submiting your work at FoodiesFeed you’ll be able to reach new potential customers and creative partners.

Food photography

Do you shoot food, drinks, coffee, restaurants/cafés interiors or anything very similar to our images?

Would you like to reach new followers and potential customers?

Hit us at and attach some of your photos you’d like to expose. We can offer you 2 types of collaborations:

a) Photographer of the week – you’d give away  7+ photos completely for free in exchange for a great exposure to our audience and we’ll post one of your photos a day for the entire week
(we need only your explicit agreement with providing your photos for free without need of attribution)

b) Thematic Premium package (30+ photos) we’d be selling on our website (only 20% cut for us).

Read this blog post to learn what kind of photos we are looking for.

Digital goods related to food

Do you create digital products such as illustrations, icons, typefonts, Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets or just any kind of digital goods?

Do you want to reach our audience? Let’s make a deal!

You can create one special freebie only for our visitors. We’ll publish the freebie, send a newsletter to thousands of subscribers and mention your name with backlinks to your website and all your social media.

If you have an eshop with your products you’d like us to backlink to, we’d like you to provide us an affiliate link so we get a cut from the sales you make from our traffic.

You say you haven’t an affiliate partnership set up? Email us anyway and we’ll discuss other alternatives of promoting your work with a freebie on our website.

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