FoodiesFeed is most importantly a number one destination for non-stockish, realistic and natural looking images of food.

Jakub created this website in April 2014 as a personal project to share his beginner food photos with the world. He didn’t want to let the pictures die on his harddrive and he thought they may be useful for someone else. With that in mind he created a website and published regularly since then. He started giving his food photos away for free. And people started coming.

Who exactly? Bloggers, writers, designers, web developers, app developers and pretty much anyone who needs illustrative photos to accompany his or her awesome content.

With rising popularity and dozens of thousands of visitors per month Jakub decided after 1 year of experience to broaden the content. Specifically, enrich the website with Digital goods related to food made by other creatives and also with Magazine where he curates all stuff related to food. Whether it be fun, art, unbelieveable, stylish… He curates everything he finds interesting on his way through the internet jungle.

Jakub is not only interested in taking pictures of food. He’s also into gourmet traveling and getting to know different cuisines. He travels with his girlfriend in order to explore new restaurants, cafés, food markets, street food places… They always come home with full pocket of experiences, tips and photos which they’ve been sharing only with their closest friends so far.

However, they’d love to try sharing it also with the world through FoodiesFeed and that’s why Blog section has been added. You can look forward to articles and videos from their travels and also from their current hometown, Prague.

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